welcome to newfane

About the Society

The Newfane Historical Society was established to educate the public on the history of Newfane and Olcott in Niagara County, and its place in the history of New York and the United States. It's an all volunteer community-based organization that formed in 1975 and is a non-profit educational society.

A Letter from our President:

As a third-generation member of the Newfane Historical Society, I'm proud to be part of a family who has passions for both giving back to the community and helping preserve local history. It is my privelege to continue this volunteering legacy with a group that has become invaluable to the community, and works tirelessly at any challenges placed in front of it. I look forward to assisting in any way possible as we continue to grow and develop our organization together, while also striving to maintain the long-lasting traditions carved out by our many members over the years.

Victoria Banks, President

Our Mission

The society's mission, drawn from its certificate of incorporation, is as follows; The Town of Newfane Historical Society exists to:

Structure and Funding

The Newfane Historical Society is a non-profit organization that depends on gifts, membership revenue, volunteers, and other earned revenue such as admission fees, to serve the communities of Newfane and Olcott. Private gifts from individuals, businesses, foundations, and organizations help support the society’s educational programs, special projects, and general operations.

The Society publishes a quarterly newsletter. It receives its main funding through the town of Newfane, grants, membership dues and fundraisers including the Van Horn Mansion tours and rentals, and the Apple Blossom & Harvest Festivals held each Spring and Autumn.

Society Officers and Trustees

President: Victoria Banks

Vice President: Melissa Schaeffer

Secretary: Jill Heck

Corresponding Secretary: Janet Capen

Financial Secretary: Rosemary Miller

Treasurer: David Steggles

Trustees: Janet Capen, Bill Clark, Keegan Connolly, Virginia Dillman, Steve Goodman, Kevin Luckman, Chuck Manhardt, Terry Manhardt, Bill Neidlinger, Bill Ott, Mindi Schaeffer, Rose Schaeffer, George Updegraph